Stay Curious

Work life

Through my studies in Computer Science and Media Informatics I was able to lay a solid foundation in both the technical and visual field. In 2015 I started working as a web developer at Red Bull Media House on and soon transitioned to a hybrid role, at the intersection of design and development. In 2020 my journey led me to the area of Innovation Management at Red Bull IT, where I continue to live my curiosity and urge to shape the future.

Personal interests

My interests range from technology to arts, to fully immersing myself in outdoor sports, to sitting still and enjoying the beauty of the little moments. The time I spent abroad had a profound effect on me and let me believe in the connectedness of the world. This realization, combined with the result of daily meditation, are what motivates me to strive for an improvement of the status quo in all aspects of life.

  • Being outdoors
  • Sports
  • Meditation
  • Photography

Side projects

Throughout my studies I was able to combine my passion for sports with my interest for media and technology. In my freelance work for the German Athletics Association I acquired a lot of my practical experience. In order to give my university projects a deeper meaning I worked on a student-based research project called LMU Roomfinder. During my sabbatical in 2019/2020 I started contributing to Climate Mind, an open source project working on organizing scientific facts around climate change and making them accessible in an easy and personalized way.